The Pomp Room
Sioux Falls, SD
In it's day, the Pomp Room was host to many a great rock show.
Local bands, which included Bad Daddy, Crash Alley, Wakefield,
The Freeloaders, Image...just to name a few.

It also saw some of the greatest bands ever, including a surprise
performance by Aerosmith, after they had finished a show at the Sioux
Falls Arena. It was taped and featured on a Rockumentary on MTV.
Other bands that appeared at the Pomp Room are Cheap Trick, Warrant,
Quiet Riot, Nazareth..the list is too long for me to even remember.
If you have pictures from some crazy
nights at the Pomp Room, email them to
me and I will post them here.

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Chicago band, The Bad Examples,
featured the Pomp Room on the
cover of their CD, Cheap Beer Night
Wooden Cabinet
The Cartwright Brothers tribute to the
Pomp Room
The Final Call